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Our Equipment


A vast range of on-demand and doser grinders to grind your coffee beans with the utmost precision

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SINGLE-DOSE On-Demand Grinder        


Z-Hero station creates customised grinding profiles, so as to experiment with different types of extractions. Adjusting the rpm, each individual grind will produce different flavour profiles, even when using the same beans.

Color: Black. Made in Italy.

Unique Features

DLC-coated screwless burr grinding chamber inclined at 45°, with total zero retention both in input and output


Ceado Steady Lock Grinder ensures under any condition the parallelism and the constant distance between the burrs, thus maintaining the set granulometry


The zero contamination with previously ground coffees allows to explore different origins and varieties, without wasting a singlebean or emptying thegrinding chamber and cleaning the burrs.


740 watt rectified motor designed to minimize thermal expansion during the grinding process


Active Thermal Control


High Capacity Overload Protection


Technical features

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Power Requirements



Bean Hopper Capacity


Shipping Weight

Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH)


110 V – 740 W – 15 A

600 - 1500 fully controlled

Flat 83mm DLC Coated

3.5 lbs. – 1.6 Kg

41 lbs.

45 lbs.

16” X 25” X 27”