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The Stella di Caffè machine combines a series of technological innovations that focus on brewing performance, ergonomics, and easy use

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Our machine

Stella di Caffè

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Our machine

Stella di Caffè

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Our machine

Stella di Caffè

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Stella Di Caffè

Three group multi-boiler precision espresso maker.  

This unit is typically operated in mid to high volume cafés.

General features

Central control LCD color touch screen (automatic night/day mode, auto-cleaning, drinks counter, USB interface)

Capacitive independent touch keypad for each group control boxes with running chronographs

Adjustable lighting (color/intensity) with 5 to 9 high powered LED RGB per electronic box

Programmable pre-infusion – Time/Pressure – independent per group

Large cup warmer                   

1 programmable adjustable hot water outlet

Directly connected to water drain

Unique Features


Large capacities multi-boilers (individual coffee boiler is 1.65 Liters), with intelligent management of the power supply and PID proportional electronically thermally regulation of each powered unit (pressure sensor on steam boiler)



2 High precision steam wands controlled horizontally and infinitely adjustable



Hydraulically assisted locking group for a perfect seal with little effort



6° inclined porta-filter handle, using shock absorbing reducing vibrations


1 single filter holder (7 gram basket)

3 double filter holders (14-16 gram basket)

1 Blank filter basket

Plumbing tubes for water (3/8”) and drain line


High Profile Version with 3 clearance positions for 3”, 4” and 7”

SteamAir Auto foam and Auto temperature control

Teflon steam wand for easy cleaning of dried milk

L/C foamer with 2 positions - L : for hot milk / C : for milk foam (side fridge required)

Pod baskets for 7 gram and 14 gram pods

Triple filter holder

Dosamat Filter Holder Reading capability

Semi-Automatic control box

Triple Dose control box

18 or 21 gram Stella filter baskets

15, 18, or 21 gram VST filter baskets 

Dual Command Lever (DCL) Profiling 

Customized front strip with logo

Stella di Caffè 3 Groups

Technical features

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Steam Boiler Capacity

Coffee Boilers Capacity

Power Requirements


Shipping Weight

Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH)


14.3 Liters – 6550 watts

1.65 Liters – 2000 watts each

230 V – 6700 W – 30 A – 1 Phase

203 lbs.

245 lbs.

53” X 30” X 32”