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Unparalleled performance, dependability, and the guarantee of a perfect result in every cup are some of the key assets of the TANGO super automatic professional espresso machines

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Super automatic one-step espresso maker with automated in-the-cup milk drink delivery. This unit is typically operated for capacities upward of 25
lbs. per week. Designed for rugged commercial application and high performance during rush periods. 60,000 cycle piston seals require the Tango the least amount of intervention. Its stainless steel brewing chamber and software design replicate and consistently deliver infusion parameters found in barista controlled equipment. Adjustable and transferable settings via touch screen program and USB key.

General features

2 bean hoppers – 3.75 lbs. and 2.6 lbs. with low beans warning option

Hopper stoppers for each hopper – allows for easy removal of hoppers

2 precision grinders with 64 mm Mahlkonig burrs

1 solid Teflon steam wand

48 programmable and customizable icon keys with full control panel on touchscreen display

Adaptable for various coffee profiles and exceptional extraction quality obtained through full control of 8 infusion parameters: 2 grinders; temperature; tamping; 2 pre-infusion methods; weight of coffee; volume of water

Temperature regulation for steam and group

Overabundant steam supply to eliminate recovery time

Convenient telescopic dismountable double coffee spout

1 telescopic programmable hot water dispenser

Large waste bin with overfill safeguard holds up to 120 cycles of used ground

Day/Night Mode

Drink counter

Quick clean cycles every 90 drinks; complete group auto clean cycle every 24 hours

Cup Warmer

Stainless steel panels and steel framework

Full sized rotary vane pump


1 additional milk foam dispenser for cleaning cycles

100 cleaning tablets – use 1 per day

120 Rinza Milk Cleaner Tablets – Use 1 per day

1 tube of Superlube for cleaning cap

USB Drive for download and upload of settings

Plumbing tubes for water (1/2”) and drain line


1 gallon side milk refrigerator – holds one full US gallon milk containers (sold separately)
2 gallon side milk refrigerator – hold 2 full US gallon milk containers
SteamAir Auto foam and Auto temperature control steam wand

Tango Ace Milk

Technical features

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Boiler Capacity

Power Requirements


Shipping Weight

Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH)


6.5 Liters – 4500 watts

208 V - 6120 W - 30 - Phase 1

195 lbs.

245 lbs.

44" X 30" X 33"